Sunday, June 26, 2011

A 'Hot Friday Night' Ü

Sooo, one thing I have found to be true about me the past 4 years, is my love for baking. It started  with my first Easy Bake Oven at age 5.... right on in to my 50th year!  I bake when I am happy...I bake when I am sad...bake when I am joy-filled...bake when I'm mad....I even bake on Friday nights!

Nothing fancy....just good ol dark chocolate chip cookies.....banana breads....and budt cake! What can be better? This past Friday night I had a helper...darling Lucy. Her Mommy (and fellow B.O.O.B team mate) allowed me the pleasure of her company for the evening....and we baked cupcakes....didn't we Lucy?

The past year I've played around with Splenda in place of my sweet diabetic mama can take care of her sweet tooth w/o spiking her numbers at 'needle' time Ü Next up....learning to bake for my sweet Bug-a-Boo...Gregory Thomas. He's got quite the sweet tooth..and nothing will bring me more pleasure than learning to bake for my lil guy w/o affecting his Galactosemia. Cannot wait til his visit in we can bake together too! And neither can Lucy...cuz she and Gregory have a 'play date'!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Welcome to my blog....a 'gift' from my precious daughter....
her way of saying "share about this sweet, simple life in Star, that you love so much, Mommy!"  It arrived in an email with a sweet "welcome to your own go and create!" and a link attached to this blog you now see, all set up for me!!  Thank you Wittle Wamb!

How blessed am I! So...let my very first post be a thank you to my Lord for this very precious daughter and for the love and  respect and grace that she extends to me each and every day....She is a Joy to my heart!

I'm not promising very exciting posts or pictures of beautiful  things I have made, unlike my sweet friends that HE has blessed with such creativeness Ü  but I promise to deliver a slice of  sweet country living...and something God continues to 'call me to' time after time.......  to Live Life Simply! 

Check back from time to time and you might just see pictures of  beautiful hens pecking around my front yard.... pics of the funny little man in my life, Gregory Thomas.....the American Flag on my front porch against a beautiful Idaho sunset....a dessert gone wrong...or my precious family.

Why don't you follow along...and  Wish Upon A Star with me?
I promise to keep it real and  simple!!